Ombre Hair Colour at Wisteria Avenue Hairdressers in Abingdon

In French, ombre translates as ‘shade’. So what does this mean in terms of hair colour? Ombre in the hairdressing terms basically means a two-toned colour effect that is traditionally darker at the top and lighter at the bottom.

Ombre can be either drastic in terms of colour combination and harshness, or soft and subtle with a nice blend from dark to light. It’s versatile, offers great options for colour if you are looking to make a statement and for the right length of hair, offers the option for something truly personable that is difficult to replicate. 

Top Tip: If you are on a budget and don’t want the maintenance (and cost!) of hair colour on a frequent basis, ombre (and balayage offers the luxury in the event you opt to retain your natural root colour whilst lightening your mid-ends of your hair). This way you don’t have to touch up your ends for three-six months, in addition that it still retains a strong visual hair colour appeal!

At Wisteria Avenue Hairdressers in Abingdon, our Hair Stylists are happy to offer a free hair colour consultation in our Abingdon salon to discuss your next balayage or ombre. Call 01235 534705 or book an appointment, here.


Still don’t get it!? Does a balayage look the same as an ombre?

Let’s tackle the effect of an ombre first. The ends of the hair will always be different to the colour of the roots. It’s really as simple as that. The significant point of an ombre being that you won’t see the root colour at the ends of the hair. Irrespective of the style of ombre; soft, harsh or blended, an ombre is designed to transition from root colour to another colour.

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