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Embracing Grey Hair Colour at Wisteria Avenue Hairdressers in Abingdon

Embracing your grey hair colour is typically viewed as a tough ask. Put the box dye down! Going grey today still offers so many hair colour options in a hair salon.

Typically while most grey hairs are small in number, let’s not kid ourselves; when you want them gone you will try anything! Whilst you are still young, it makes sense to consider your options. Our Hair Stylists in our Abingdon hairdressers suggest considering going blondish or if those grey hairs are increasing in numbers and the maintenance is too frequent; opt to sport those silver locks with style. 

Just remember this; grey hair doesn’t need to be a bad thing if you can flaunt it with style. If you are worried about your grey hair and feel some words of encouragement from one of our Stylists in our Abingdon salon would prove helpful, call 01235 534705 to book a free hair colour consultation.

I have grey hair… What can I do?

Grey hair colour coverage doesn’t need to be a burden. Typically our clients want to cover up those grey hairs because they want to look younger. Having said that, in more recent times grey in itself is becoming fashionable! More and more celebrities (the likes of Rihanna have adopted  Check Rihanna and Pink recent attempts at grey hair. Whilst artificial, it suits clients irrespective of age if executed well.

Alternatively blondes (highlights) are a great option to cover grey hair. Whilst they require a little more maintenance than other hair colour options, they are a safe bet if you are seeking some reassurance whilst maintaining a natural and organic look.

I have grey hair… I want my hair cut but which hairstyle would best suit me?

Pixie cuts, layers, long hair, short hair… To put it simply there are so many options to choose from! Our Hair Stylists are a great starting point if you are unsure or seek a change (NEVER be scared to ask! Stylists LOVE chatting hair, after all it is what they specialise in). 

Your options: Consider your fundamentals; do you have a preference for long or short hair? What is your hair texture? Would you prefer a fringe? How are you wearing your hair? 

At Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon in Abingdon we love working with grey hair, irrespective whether we are cutting or colouring hair! Grey hair has the upside that it frames the face and draws attention to your key features expertly and doesn’t necessarily require skilled styling which is another bonus!

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Working to achieve your desired look is our goal. Consider your options and we can work with you to help achieve your next cut and colour. Call 01235 534705 or if you would prefer the option of online bookings, click here to visit our interactive bookings page.

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