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Colour Consent Form

Patch Test Disclaimer : A small percentage of individuals can experience adverse reactions due to the application of hair colour. Whilst rare, symptoms can include burning, redness, itching and even swelling. Due to the variety of ingredients used in hair products, these symptoms may occur even if you have had your hair coloured in the past with no reaction.

With your consent, we would like to administer a patch test to determine if you will experience a reaction to hair colour for your own safety. Should you experience an adverse reaction to a skin test, Wisteria Avenue holds no accountability. You have the right to request a patch test prior to every service at no additional charge to you.

The Bill Payer (relevant only to clients’ where someone else is paying!) : In some cases the bill payer is different to the individual having a skin test. When completing this form we require the details of the individual having a skin test rather than the bill payer. It is at the discretion of the individual attending the skin test as to whether they seek to share the details of this form with the bill payer. We try to encourage this where possible and will not be held accountable should the bill payer decline to review these terms. It is not always feasible to seek approval from the bill payer (often the individual completing this form is not of an age to consent or a colour appointment is a gift). Should a similar or identical scenario arise, we will ask the bill payer (if present) to review these terms.

Whether the bill payer seeks to review these terms or not, the existence of these the terms will have been accepted upon completion of the form by the individual having a skin test on the basis that the bill payer/parent/guardian has failed to read these terms despite any efforts by Wisteria Avenue. The completion of this form is also acknowledgment that a conversation has taken place with the bill payer/parent/guardian and client has taken place as to whether hair colour is an appropriate step.

This is a webpage and this is an acknowledgement that this can be read at any time. Should you wish to make a copy of this contract, please ask your Stylist and they will send this to you.

Deposits : Due to time frame of colour appointments, we have introduced a £30 deposit to secure a colour appointment as a means to security. Deposits are non-refundable and are to secure your first booked appointment (only) in all cases. Subsequent cancellations, rescheduling or suspended appointments, now or in the future, refunds, carry overs or goodwill are subject to Wisteria Avenue’s discretion. In the event of a cancellation or rescheduled appointment, we would require a new deposit. Your £30 deposit secures your first booked appointment only, not a rescheduled appointment (this shall require a new deposit), nor are refunds of deposits given in the event of a cancellation. Please respect that we are a small business and deposits are not flexible. Whilst on occasion we are able to back fill appointments, in most cases this isn’t possible and often your deposit goes towards covering a staff wage in the event of a cancellation.

Thinking of cancelling? : Please let us know! We get very busy so help us out. Unfortunately whilst we are booked up well in advance, higher than normal number of late cancellations and no-shows hurt small businesses such as ours.

Whilst we understand that things can happen, this is a gentle reminder that if you have an appointment booked and you know that you cannot make it in advance, please help us out and do everything that you can to let us know WELL IN ADVANCE! No-showing an appointment or cancelling/rescheduling on the day, the day before or the same week is unacceptable and we reserve the right to prevent future bookings whilst invoicing for the total bill. This merely prevents any other customers from booking and should we invoice, this is at our discretion.

By leaving a booking until the week of, or even the day of your appointment to cancel (we frequently turn away clients in the days leading up) prevents a small business from growing. We book out a time slot for your appointment. Letting us know the same week means your Stylist will lose out (we book out extensive time in advance preventing others from booking). We therefore kindly ask that before you book you are absolutely 100% certain you can make your appointment. If notice is given to cancel or reschedule, please ensure that a weeks notice (if possible) is given as a general courtesy.

Our Guarantee : We will do our utmost to achieve your desired colour and style. In rare cases, mistakes happen or hair colour can have its obstacles whether outside of our control or a genuine mishap. For example hair doesn’t lighten due to previous colour work, box dyes have been applied, hair condition is an issue, existing hair colour is too light/dark or similar may arise outside of our control (or something else relating to the application of hair colour) to name but a few. That being said, our Stylists’ are here to help, guide and advise you to the best of their knowledge. If application of any colour is unacceptable, we will acknowledge this and work with you to find a solution and at our own cost; we will always offer to rectify this at the earliest available opportunity. We ask clients to be understanding in this rare event and we will do our utmost to rectify your hair. We will not refund a service in the event a client is unwilling to compromise in this instance. If a colour has been chosen by a client and once applied is no longer to the satisfaction of the client, we are happy to help however this is not a refundable service. Additionally in the rare event you are dissatisfied, if you have any questions, the best method of contact is via email or telephoning the salon and speaking to the Stylist in question directly to support you.

Models : Occasionally we request ‘models’ to assist us with our website and marketing features. If you are modelling work by any staff member, whilst we are always happy to discuss any concerns, under no circumstances are refunds or unlimited free services granted due to the nature of the work. The above terms titled ‘Our Guarantee’ do not apply to any models’. Our primary goal is to market our colour work. Any issues beyond this can be discussed however these are not refundable, rectifiable at the cost of the salon nor do we readdress any scenario whereby clients are dissatisfied.

Informed Consent : Signing below indicates that you have read and understood this form, that a patch test has been administered, you have consented and agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Wisteria Avenue, its owner employees, agents and assigns from any liability claim or action arising from the application of hair colouring or products.

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