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Blonde Hair Colour at Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon in Abingdon

Our Abingdon hairdressers is geared towards creating the best hair colour on offer. At Wisteria Avenue hairdressing in Abingdon, we are experts in hair colour and the latest hair trends. Our team of skilled Hair Stylists have partnered with JOICO to offer our clients their LumiShine, Blonde Life and Color Intensity range.

Interested in discussing your blonde hair colour options? Call 01235 534705 to speak to one of our Hair Stylists. Alternatively check out our price list, here. For bookings visit our booking site, here.

At Wisteria Avenue hairdressing in Abingdon, we love the JOICO Blonde Life range; a glistening collection of home-care products that protect, detoxify, and bump up the brilliance and strength of hair that’s been bleached, double-processed, or lifted to new heights; while preventing environmental damage and off-tones.

Our Blonde Life pre-lighteners combines bond-building Arginine + Tamanu and Monoi oils for beautiful, healthy-looking blonde hair. Our pre-lightener is designed for maximum lift and a favourite for clients who have previously used the likes of Schwarzkopf BLONDME and Redken FlashLift.

For any new or existing clients seeking a change of hair colour, whether you are looking to adopt a blonde hair colour for the first time or whether you are a little more seasoned, let’s talk through your options. Our Hair stylists offer a complimentary hair colour consultation service so why not give us a call now on 01235 534705. Alternatively, we offer a simply online booking option, here.

Platinum Blonde Hair Colour

Platinum blonde hair colour simply put looks amazing. If you are seeking a stand out hair colour to impress, platinum blonde is the lightest of all the blonde shades.

Our Hair Stylists recommend platinum blonde for clients with fair or medium skin tones to maximise the potential of blonde hair colour. For some time now platinum hair colour has been a popular choice, albeit in more recent times platinum hair colour has taken on an edgier look. If you like the sound of an all over platinum blonde, call us on 01235 534705 to book a free consultation.

Our Hair Stylists at Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon in Abingdon strongly recommend using JOICO Color Endure, a purple shampoo and conditioner set. These retail in the salon and can be purchased at any time.

Caramel Blonde Hair Colour

Caramel blonde hair colour is a light golden brown or dark blonde colour that suits most skin complexion, primarily best suited to clients with medium to dark skin tones.

At Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon in Abingdon, our Stylist recommendation to maintain a caramel blonde hair colour longer term would be to start with a base of dark golden blonde tones through the mid-lengths and ends with pale highlights around the face.

Ash Blonde Hair Colour

Ash blonde hair colour is a darker yet cooler blonde that serves clients with a naturally darker root colour. Ordinarily, clients with ash blonde hair colour can be warmed up with a set of highlights if absolutely necessary. Additionally if those grey hairs are slowly coming through, ash blonde hair with highlights is a popular choice.

Dark Blonde Hair Colour

Dark blonde hair colour, is a warm, natural-looking blonde often with the upside of less maintenance than an edgier lighter blonde hair colour like platinum blonde. Our Hair Stylists recommend a rich contrasting colour to that of your naturally darker roots; something like a dark blonde base with cooler highlights in the form of a balayage works really well.

Blondes have more fun! Book your next appointment today by calling 01235 534705 or booking an appointment online.

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