Everything you need to know about a Balayage!

A guide to a Balayage at Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon, Abingdon

At Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon in Abingdon, we love our balayages! This is a popular choice and in practise our most frequently requested type of hair colour appointment.

Many clients however often confuse a balayage with an ombre, remain unsure as to what makes a balayage distinctive, are uncertain as to the maintenance required and more.

This helpful guide is to help our readers understand whether hair colour is right for them and distinguish what a balayage is. If you are looking to chat with a Hair Stylist and think a balayage might be the right option for you, call our Abingdon hairdressers on 01235 534705 or book online using our booking platform.

What is a Balayage?

A balayage is a form of highlights designed to look natural. Imagine sunning abroad somewhere; the sun will lighten parts of your hair albeit in such a way that not every strand of hair will be lightened the same.

Using a brush, the bleach is artistically swept down the hair to create natural looking highlights part-way down the hair leaving the root area of the hair unaffected.

What makes a Balayage any different?

There are plenty of methods to create the best balayage. Some stylists will use foils, others won’t. Conversely some Stylists will go freehand whereas others will adopt a brush and balayage board approach. There is no right or wrong method, often every Hair Stylist will be taught differently or find an approach that suits them.

Most vitally a balayage is specifically a far more subtle way of lightening the hair. Other alternatives include highlights (lightening from the root), a scalp bleach (lightening all over) and an ombre (lightening all the ends).

Is a Balayage right for me?

Possibly. For a Hair Stylist to determine this, they will need to see your hair first. Ideally if a Hairdresser is working with a blank canvas then it works really well. If you already have highlights or an ombre then it can be tricky reverting to a balayage.

The most effective balayage can be achieved when the hair is already one colour (natural or coloured).

Is it going to cost me a lot to maintain?

If everything aligns, you select the right type of balayage to suit your personal style and you are lucky enough to avoid greys, then absolutely! For our money, a balayage is a highly maintainable and one of the least expensive colour options to explore in a salon due to the frequency of appointments required to maintain it.

Not only will you be able to get 3-4 months wear from a balayage, but it looks great too!

If you do have greys coming through, you will need to book a tint regrowth. A balayage won’t address grey hairs from the root area.

Will a Balayage work with my hair colour?

A balayage generally looks good with all hair colours, but if you are unsure we would advise speaking to your Hair Stylist in our Abingdon hair salon and they will be able to advise whether a balayage will work with you.

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Interested in a balayage? If so, we would love to hear from you! To speak to a Stylist, call 01235 534705 or book online using our online booking page.

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